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Rosalie Molloy wrote:
> From the nursery I got a parsley plant, a thyme and an oregano. I want to
> put them in pots or a window box. Should they be planted in separate
> containers? Should I feed them with anything - would Miracle Grow help?
> thanks.

I would plant them separately. Thyme is a woody subshrub; it would be a shrub if it were not so small. Oregano is a non-woody perennial. Parsley is a biennial (grows for two years, flowering in the second year). When the parsley dies, you will want to dump it without losing the other two. Oregano can get out of control and crowd the thyme. Thus, you want to keep them all separate.

Feed the thyme and oregano very, very lightly and infrequently. They grow well in poor soil with little water. (In a pot, however, their constrained roots may need daily water.) Parsley needs somewhat more nutrients and water (another reason to keep them separate).

I have thyme, oregano, sage, terragon, and peppermint in pots on my patio. From now until December, they will get daily watering and maybe only two feedings. I am also starting dill and basil from seeds. Once they are established, these annuals will get fed about once a month. This is because annuals do all their growth in a single season and need extra nutrients to support fast growth.

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